Travel Declaration



Parents are reminded to declare your child’s travel plans if he/she intends to travel during the June holidays.


For parents of P1 children, please note that travel plans must be declared regardless of travel intent. 


You may submit the travel declaration on a hardcopy to the Form Teacher or send us the softcopy of the form which can be found via this link : /cos/o.x?c=/wbn/pagetree&func=view&rid=1147394




Student Care Centre in Jurong Primary School



We are pleased to inform that Kidz Fusion Network has been appointed the operator of the Student Care Centre that is located within our school premises.  Registration is now open.  For more information and a copy of the registration form, please contact Mdm Puni at 65694452 (Office) or 85476265 (Handphone).






Value Champions


The Value Champions for Respect and Responsibility were affirmed on the 9 and 10 April. These students have been outstanding in their behaviour and are good role models for their peers. We wish to congratulate them on their achievement. Keep it up! 


Values Champion for Responsibility



Values Champions for Respect