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Jurong Primary School, in partnership with the Ministry of Social and Family (MSF) formerly known as Ministry of Community, Youth and Sports (MCYS) and Fei Yue Community Services (FYCS) launched the Family Matters @ School Programme (formerly known as School-Family Education) in 2010.


Research shows that parent-child relationship has a very strong impact on a child’s performance, academic achievement, behaviour and attitude in school. This is true regardless of race, ethnicity, family’s income level or status and parents’ educational level. A child’s very first and teacher is his parents, and the parents’ influence on the child continues for the rest of his life.


Family Matters @ School provides seminars and workshops to equip parents with effective parenting skills - eventually training them to be parent facilitators, trainings for school staff to enhance their family life, and life skills and character building training for students. The Family Matters @ School RESOURCE AREA also makes family resources such as parenting and family life books, bonding activity board games, etc. accessible to the parents, students and staff.



With Family Matters @ Schools, parents are informed, equipped and empowered to build stronger families and children are brought up with positive values and mind-set towards life, marriage and family.


Find out more about our upcoming programmes below! For any queries feel free to email to Mrs. Catherine Banton (Family Matters @ School Coordinator) at sfe_jps@yahoo.com





Workshops:How to Motivate Underachievers/Managing Challenging Behaviour

Workshops on Friday, 31 May 2014:


1. How to Motivate Underachievers

2. Managing Challenging Behaviour




Contact info for registration,  Please e-mail Mrs. Catherine Banton at sfe_jps@yahoo.com to register. 




For further details, please download the following flyers:



 How to Motivate Underachievers.pdf 

  Managing Challenging Behaviour flyer.pdf 



Outstanding Performance award for FMS 2012

Yes, we did it again! Three years in a row

Outstanding Performance award for Family Matters @ School for 2012


Preparing your Child for P1 2014

Talk on Transition to Primary School



3 January 2014

12:45 – 3:45 pm

Jurong Primary School


Download this article to find out more or register ---> PREPARING YOUR CHILD FOR P1 2014.pdf 

Parent Seminar 2013 - Transition to Secondary Education

Registration for Parent Seminar 2013 – Transition to Secondary Education is now open.
To sign up, interested parents can log on to http://www.moe.gov.sg/events/seminars-for-parents/transition-to-secondary-education/ and complete all required fields in the online registration form by 13 November 2013
As registration is on a first-come-first-served basis, please sign up early!
For details, please refer to the flyer below:

How to Cope with Exam Stress

 Talk on: How to Help Your Child Cope with EXAM Stress


 Date/Time: 12 October 2013  9:00 am – 12:00 pm

Venue: Jurong Primary School


To register or find out more, you can download the attachment below and email to Mrs. Catherine Banton (SFE Coordinator) at sfe_jps@yahoo.com



How to Cope with Exam Stress.pdf 

Transition to Secondary School




Date/Time: 12 October 2013  9:30 am – 12:00 pm

Venue: Jurong Primary School


To register or find out more, you can download the attachment below and email to Mrs. Catherine Banton (SFE Coordinator) at sfe_jps@yahoo.com 


 Transition to Secondary School flyer.pdf 

Financial Management for the Family- Sep 2013

Financial Talk for Parents 


"Honey, Where's the Money ?"


Date and Time: Saturday, 7 September 2013, 9:00am - 12:00pm

Venue: Jurong Primary School


For details, please click on:


 Financial Mgt Flyer Sept 2013.pdf 






20 July 2013 Workshops Flyers


1. Innovate Sculpey - for P1 to P2

2. Mosaic Art - P3 to P6


Find out more from here: 


INNOVATE SCULPEY 2013 July Flyer.pdf 

 Mosaic Art.pdf  


Maximising Your Child's Learning Potential - Saturday 27 April, 9:00-12:00


The first 10 years are when the child’s brain is most active and when critical synaptic connections are being made. These years will determine how the child learns in later life.


Join us and discover multiple intelligences and the different learning styles of children. Learn how to identify the different learning styles and how to devise learning strategies to help make learning fun and effective for your children. GUEST SPEAKER: Miss Chee Wei-lin (LLB. (Hons.); M. Org. Lead. (Monash))


Find out more and/or register here! --->  Maximising Childs Potential.pdf 


Parenting Seminar 2013 – Transition to Secondary Education

Dear Parents,


Starting secondary school is a big step in your child's life. To help you better understand secondary school programmes and enable you to make key education decisions, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Social and Family Development will be conducting a seminar on secondary school education. At the seminar, parents can look forward to sharing sessions by a school principal, an education and career guidance specialist, and a family life educator.

Seminar Details

Date Saturday, 20 April 2013
Time 2.00 pm – 5.30pm (Registration starts at 1.30 pm)
Venue Ministry of Education, Edutorium
Podium Block (Level 4), MOE Building
1 North Buona Vista Drive
Singapore 138675




For more details and registration, visit this link: http://www.moe.gov.sg/events/seminars-for-parents/transition-to-secondary-education/




To register or find out more, please view from this article:

 Parents On Board Workshop Flyer.pdf 


Parenting in the Internet Age, 27 Oct 2012


The cyber world is the new playground for children and there are potential dangers of spending too much time in it. How will it affect your children? Find out more from here:




Polymer Clay Workshop - 20 Oct 2012, 9am - 12pm


Parents play an important part in moulding and influencing their children’s lives. In this fun and interactive parent-child polymer clay activity, parents get to learn how to mould (literally), bond with their children and acquire parenting tips in the process.


To register or find out more, you can download the attachment below and email to Mrs. Catherine Banton (SFE Coordinator) at sfe_jps@yahoo.com



 INNOVATE SCULPEY 2012 Oct Flyer.pdf 



Sandwich Making - 20 Oct 2012, 9am - 12pm


Learn how to build stronger bonds with your family and understand how to communicate better. Parents and children will get to know simple principles of communication - understanding others, listening attentively, taking turns and taking note of face (expression) and voice tones through this fun, family bonding activity.



To register or find out more, you can download the attachment below and email to Mrs. Catherine Banton (SFE Coordinator) at sfe_jps@yahoo.com